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Diamond Boutique has established a valuable reputation not only due to the services we offer but also the way in which we offer those services. Our esteemed reputation is based primarily on the fact that we offer a warm, welcoming shopping environment that draws our clients in to our circle of family and friends. The satisfaction of our customers means everything to us. We aim to make your experience an enjoyable and memorable one.

Our success is measured by your satisfaction.

Hear it straight from the people who have had the Diamond Boutique experience.


Dear Mali,
Both Tom and I want to thank you for the best service we have ever received. My rings looked better than new and they were fixed in record time.
You also made Tom’s BD [birthday] special & the 2 girls loved the pearls.
You have customers for life, and you also care awesome jewelry.
Thanks again,
-Tom & Jeanne Pirolli

Thank you so much for the very lovely necklace (along with all the other goodies you’ve given me). You make me feel very special and I appreciate your endearing charm and laughter. I absolutely love all my jewelry and adore you & your daughter.

"Dear Mali, A huge Thank You for my lovely diamond necklace! You are a treasure in many ways. Thank you."
- Marlene

"Dear Newsha, Mali, Nasser & Staff of DB: I just wanted to let you all know how much Emily & I have appreciated all of your time & hospitality! I don’t think I’ve ever known a nicer or more accommodating staff – it doesn’t take long to realize customer service is your #1 priority. The American Heart Association couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with such a fine company!"

"Dear Mali, It was such a pleasure meeting and talking with you last week. We both love our pearls and have gotten many compliments on them."
- Carole

"Mali, I can’t stop staring at my ring! It’s FABULOUS! I absolutely LOVE it. Big hugs & Kisses, Love"
- Kelli

"Mali, I just received in the mail the lovely pearl necklace that was a gift from the Vista Valley ladies invitational golf tournament. Thank you so very much for sending it to me … that was a very generous gesture on your part, and I’m so grateful. It’s beautiful!!!"
- Gail

"Dear Mali, What an honor it was to meet you yesterday. I have never met anyone with such a genuine respect and appreciation for life. I left your boutique challenged to be more aware of the good things in my life. Thank you for the two lovely pearl necklaces. You were so kind to share that with me. My daughter was thrilled to have it. I look forward to seeing you soon"
- Wendy

"Dear Mali, Thank you so much for the beautiful pearl necklace. What a lovely and generous gift. Your boutique is fabulous! I really enjoyed talking with you.You are so warm and friendly. Hopefully I will be in soon to get my wedding band / diamond reset into something beautiful and special. Thank you again."

- Kellie

"Dearest Friends, I can’t begin to express my appreciation for dousing us with all of the spectacular jewels for the wedding! We both felt so glamorous!! Thanks to you and your generosity. Warm Regards."
- Iris

"Dear Mali, Thank you so very much for your generosity in lending me the beautiful necklace for a special night out. I had so many women approach me to pay a compliment and of course I told them where it’s from. I felt like a million bucks! I’m so glad to have met you though Nancy and I hope to work with you! Thank you again for your kindness."
- Jennifer

"Dear Mali, I just wanted to drop these few lines and thank you for your very considerate gesture of placing the new and better ruby on my school ring gratis! You can be assured that I am highly impressed with your knowledge and manner of conducting business far superior to others and I will recommend your establishment every chance I get."
- Howy

"Dear Mali and Family, Thank you for the gorgeous bracelet and Rolex watch. I am wearing them both as I write you the ring is also sized perfectly. I hope your business continues to grow and expand. Thank you. "
- Adam

"Dear Mali, You are very kind! It was such a pleasure to meet you yesterday.Thank you for the most lovely necklaces. I have always admired the floating pearls and will enjoy wearing it – my daughter will be overjoyed when she receives hers. You far exceeded my mother in laws grand description of ‘a very special & wonderful woman.’ I look forward to hearing from your daughter and hope to see you again soon! Your generosity is amazing, thank you for all you do to help so many. Warmest regards."
- Deb

"Thank you so much for the beautiful dog tag that you made Nikky. It is very much appreciated and one of the kindest gestures that will be forever remembered. I will be referring your store to others when the opportunity arises.Thank you again for yourkindness and thoughtfulness."
- Penny

"Mali, Thank you so much for the beautiful necklace and fabulous earring jackets! Your generosity is overwhelming! You and Marie surprised me in a way I would have never imagined! We look forward to seeing you on our next trip to Del Mar! Thank you again."
- Rowena & Kinotyn

"Mali, a heartfelt Thank – You from our family to yours for making me feel that customers do come first. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to finish all my jewelry in one day. You’ve gained a customer for life."
- Andy & Karen

"Mali, Thank you so much for the pearl necklace, the kind words and your love for animals who don’t always have a voice to be heard. It is very heartwarming to know that there are individuals who care as much as we do for these orphaned creatures. The necklace is very beautiful and I wear it daily, and will always remember your generosity and kind heart. We can always use more animal lovers and supporters like yourself If you ever travel to our area please let me know I would love to give you a tour of our facility and beautiful city."
- Kandace

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