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What is an Ideal Cut?
What is a carat?
What is the difference between a certified diamond and a non-certified diamond?
How does a diamond cutting proportion affect a diamond value?
What is polish and symmetry?
What is fluorescence?

Emission of visible light by a material when it’s exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

What is Ultraviolet (UV)?

A light wavelength that’s invisible to the human eye.

What is Irradiation?

A treatment that changes the color of a gem by exposing it to radioactive materials.

What is clarity enhanced diamond?
What is laser drilling?

Laser drilling is treatment that involves using a concentrated beam of leaser light to reach a diamond’s dark inclusions and to disguise or eliminate them.

What is Fracture Filling?

Fracture Filling is treatment that involves injection a molten glass substance into a diamonds surface reaching feathers or leaser drill holes. Fracture filling can also affect a diamond’s apparent color. But fracture filling doesn’t change the actual color of the diamond, and the apparent color will change if the filling material is ever removed or damaged.

What is treatment?

A treatment is any human controlled process that improves gem appearance. Gem treatments generally improves apparent clarity or enhance or remove color.

What is lab created diamond?
What is a Diamond Certifications?

Anyone can sell certified diamonds, but who is certifying the diamond… Continental Wholesale Diamonds only uses the the top 3 major laboratories in the world ( AGS, GIA and EGL). It’s our guarantee to you that you are not taking only our word, you are taking an expert’s word, about your diamond.

What is the difference between GIA, AGS, EGL, IGI?
What is the diamond raport?
How do I care for my diamond ring?
Can a diamond break or chip?
What is a conflict free diamond?
How do I determined my budget?
What is the difference between gold, platinum and palladium?
What is the difference between alternative and gold wedding bands?
What are the different birthstones?
What are the different anniversary jewelry gifts?

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