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Gabriel & Co

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Gabriel & Company is one of the most well-known jewelers who are daunting the market of jewelry manufacturing for quite sometime now. It was founded in the year 1989 and was based in the city of New York.

They started as a small business and gradually gained immense popularity all through out the world. They put in serious effort to find out the best artisans who can create all sorts of jewelry with absolute perfection. All their designs are very much in sync with the latest trends and fashions. They can very well understand the exact needs and preferences of their customers. There is a piece of jewelry for buyers from all ages and status.

Gabriel & Co. designs are influenced with the cultural ingredients from all parts of the world. Taking out the specific designs that should look in jewelries the skilled artists create an initial drawing. The drawings contain the most intricate details which helps the craftsman to prepare the item flawlessly. At Gabriel & Company they are very much particular about the metal and stones they use. Every single piece of the stone is picked with great care. They are thoroughly judged on several parameters in order to ensure that the customers get the best value for their money. Colors play an important role in Gabriel & Company ornaments so that the customers can get a piece matching to all their dresses. Often they provide you with the opportunity to flaunt your own artistic inclination through the designs which is an overwhelming experience for the customers.

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