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The Importance of Appraisals

The most important reason to have jewelry and valuables appraised is for accurate insurance replacement purposes. Over the years, the value of fine jewelry, gemstones and other valuables can fluctuate, and typically increase.

If an appraisal is over two years old, the stated value may be out-of-date and as an end result, your jewelry and valuables could be undervalued compared to its current replacement value. There is the risk considerable loss if jewelry and valuables are lost, stolen or damaged when the replacement values are insufficient and underinsured.

We recommend you have your fine jewelry and valuables appraised once every two years. Diamond Boutique appraisals are performed by our own professional appraiser who is also a Graduate Gemologist certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) to provide our clients with the most accurate appraisal reports based on current market values.

Appraisals are also ued to determine the value or authenticity of fine jewelry, gemstones and valuables for estate and tax planning purposes, divorce settlements, donations or loans.

Frequently Asked Appraisal Questions:

Q. What are the functions of an appraisal?

An appraisal servers three functions: Firstly, it is an identifier. Your jewelry must first be identified as to the materials, workmanship, condition and any other elements affecting its value. It must be evaluated and ranked in quality with relation to all other similar property in the current marketplace. Secondly, the appraisal is a valuer. A value must be assigned to the jewelry that is appropriate to the intended use of the appraisal. Thirdly, the appraiser is a witness to the property. The appraiser can attest in a court of law that the jewelry existed in a certain condition at a certain point in time, and that it was valued according to currently accepted valuation practices.

Q. I have homeowner’s insurance. If I lose my jewelry, am I automatically covered?

You are not covered for loss or damage unless you have your jewelry appraised and scheduled (listed) separately.

Q. What is included in a Diamond Boutique appraisal?

Each Diamond Boutique appraisal includes complete testing of your jewelry and an appraisal report for your records. A copy is kept on file at Diamond Boutique should your original copy get lost or damaged. The report contains such information as:

1) The purity and weight of precious metals

2) A detailed description of diamonds and gemstones (carat weight, cut, clarity, color, measurements, proportion & finish)

3) A color photograph

4) The current appraised value of jewelry and valuables

Q. How can I be sure my Diamond Boutique appraisal is accurate?

All tests are performed by GIA certified Graduate Gemologist appraisers using the industry’s most precise scientific instrumentation. Appraisals are based on current market values derived from a computerized networking system that constantly monitors prices throughout the industry and compares current retail prices.

Q. Do my diamonds have to be removed to be appraised?

No, diamonds and other gemstones do not have to be removed from their settings during an appraisal. All tests are perfectly safe and will not damage nor alter any jewelry or valuables.

Q. How much should I expect to pay for an appraisal?

Diamond Boutique charges an hourly rate per item for each appraisal. The fee is based on the time needed to perform the tests, calculations, research and preparation of all necessary documents. Fees are in no way determined by the value of the jewelry or valuables.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment for an appraisal?

It is suggested to make an appointment if you have a sizeable number of items to be evaluated.

Verbal consultation is also available (no documentation is provided, appointment required).

Alternate location appointments available (additional fee, quoted on request)

Testimony and Court Deposition (fees quoted on request)

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us

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